Friday, May 13, 2011

The Imposters - The First Four Years - cassette - Foreign Fish Records 2011

The Imposters - The First Four Years cassette

The Imposters from Hermosa Beach California play a throwback style of hardcore/punk that would have been right at home on Poshboy back in the early 80's. There is a definite skate punk feel to the music and an overall loose unhinged feeling that I really enjoy. The band also throws some surf rock into the mix occasionally, but they deliver it in way that sounds raw and dirty , which works perfectly.

As far as recorded material goes I highly recommend that you grab a copy of their cassette only release on Foreign Fish Records titled "The First Four Years", which collects the bands demos, cover songs and early cuts. The cassette is limited to a first pressing of only 50 copies and from what I understand there are less than 5 copies left so act fast if you want one. You can also order copies of the bands two 7" releases and their Lp from their Myspace page...Dave G.

The Imposters - MySpace
Hardcore Punk Reviews / Foreign Fish Records


Zach said...

ha, yeah their surf songs do have a raw feeling. thank you a bunch for the review! i already got an email from someone wanting one. so yeah, thanks! and great band! their new records are out soon.

Dave G said...

That's cool that you got an email Zach. Thanks for telling me, now I know these posts might be helping out the bands and the labels.

Zach said...

oh yeah, they help.