Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Night Birds - Fresh Kills Volume 1 cd Grave Mistake Records 2011 + Summer Tour and Upcoming Lp "The Other Side of Darkness"

Night Birds- Fresh Kills Volume 1 ( purchase here )

The Night Birds are one of the top punk bands tearing it up on the underground scene these days. Sound wise you get a mixture of pop punk, surf and straight up full speed ahead punk rock, think Adolescent / DI/ Agent Orange for influences. The cd I am promoting here is a compilation of the bands recorded material to date, which I will breakdown chronologically.

4 song demo 2009: Self Released
Night Birds S/T 7" Grave Mistake Records / Dirtnap Records ( Available Here )
Killer Waves 7" Art of The Underground Records (Sold out)
Midnight Movies 7" No Way Records (Available Here )

The Night Birds are heading out on a Summer Tour and will be releasing a full length album on Grave Mistake in July of 2011 titled "The Other Side of Darkness" , which I hear is their best recordings to date, at least that is what I have been told by people who have been fortunate enough to hear an advance of the record, which is really saying something based on the greatness of their back catalog as showcased on the compilation cd "The Fresh Kills Volume 1".

Also, I know from first hand experience that the Night Birds are one hell of a great live bands, as I was fortunate enough to have them come through town back in February of this year and completely blow me away with their live set.

Overall, the Night Birds have already amassed an impressive discography in a short period of time, and I for one am looking forward to the release of their new full length album "The Other Side of Darkness" . The buzz for this band is really picking up, so get on board now so you can claim you knew them before they became the next big thing...Dave G.

Night Birds ( FaceBook )

Summer Tour Dates:

Tues. 5/31- Brooklyn, NY @ Europe (98 Meserole Ave) w/ Tragedy, Citizens Arrest, Teargas, Night Birds. Doors @ 8:00pm / $10 / ALL AGES

Thurs. 6/2- Asbury Park, NJ @ the Lanes w/ T.S.O.L., Phibes, Shot Baker. Doors @ 8:00pm / $14

Sat. 6/4- Austin, TX (CHAOS IN TEJAS) @ Beerland (711 Red River) w/ Marked Men, the Shitty Limits, Deskonocidos. Doors @ 3pm / $10 / 21+

Sun. 6/5- Austin, TX (CHAOS IN TEJAS) @ The Mohawk (912 Red River St.) w/ Dillinger Four, Fucked Up, the Slowmotions, Toys That Kill, Night Birds, Tenement. Doors @ 4:15 / $15 / ALL AGES

Mon. 6/6- Binghampton, NY @ Fitzies Pub (Main St.) w/ Night Birds, the Serlingtons

Tue. 6/7- Buffalo, NY @ Funeral Home (366 Ontario St.) w/ Night Birds, Boneblack, Everything Falls Apart, Mayday. Doors @ 6:00pm / $6

Wed. 6/8- Cleveland, OH @ Now That’s Class (11213 Detroit Ave.) w/ Tinsel Teeth, Night Birds, Pleasure Leftists. Doors @ 9:00pm / $5

Thu. 6/9- Dearborn, MI @ Refuge Skate Shop (24334 Michigan Ave.) w/ Night Birds

Fri. 6/10- Chicago, IL @ Lucky Gator Loft (3950 W GRAND) w/ Night Birds, Canadian Rifle, Pukeoid, Culo, The Credentials, Divine Right. Doors @ 8:00pm / $7 / ALL AGES

Sat. 6/11- Minneapolis, MN @ Hill Valley w/ Night Birds. Doors @ 9:00pm

Sun. 6/12- Milwaukee, WI @ Ground Zero (2650 N Richards St.) w/ Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children Macnuggets, Night Birds, Holy Shit, Get Rad, and The Hard Feelings. Doors @ 6pm / $6

Mon. 6/13- St Louis, MO w/ Night Birds

Tue. 6/14 - Carbondale, IL @ The Hanging Garden (405 Cherry Court) w/ Night Birds, Hospital Job (new band w/ members of the Copyrights)

Wed. 6/15 - Indianapolis, IN @ Vibes Music (1051 east 54th St.) w/ Night birds, Picked Clean, Chaotic Neutral. Doors @ 7pm / $6

Thu. 6/16 - Newport, KY @ Southgate House (24 E 3rd st.) w/ Night Birds, the Dopamines, New Creases. Doors @ 5:00pm / 18+

Fri. 6/17 - Columbus, OH @ House w/ Night Birds, the Dopamines, New Creases.

Sat. 6/18 - Bethlehem, PA @ Secret Art Space w/ Night Birds, Bad American, Muscle Revolution, Slums. for address and info


Zach said...

definitely one of my favourite bands going. everything they've done is great. sweet that you saw them. i'd really like to see they one day, or any band for that matter. i just sold Brian some Teenage Head records the other day.

Dave G said...

Ah, I thought you saw them when they swung through Canada a month or so back. Take a road trip and come see them in NY or NJ.

Zach said...

nah i couldn't go that show. i actually went to the final Buffalo Sabres game of the season. even if i could go, i didn't have a place to sleep while i was up in TO. i don't even have my license, haha. i just got one more year and i'll finally get to see all the shows in TO. maybe they'll be back by then.

M. said...

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