Wednesday, May 25, 2011

At All Cost ( NY ) - live on WNYU radio 10/25/90 and CBGB 10/15/89

Excellent underrated NYHC band who kicked around the scene from 87/88 - 90/91. I saw At All Cost live many times back in the day playing shows at CBGB, The Anthrax, Sundance and on and on, sharing bills with the likes of Killing Time/Raw Deal, Token Entry, Cro-mags, Destruction, Candlemas and Suicidal Tendencies...just to name a few.

Anyway, while At All Cost were not one of the top NYHC bands back in the day, at least based on popularity, they still had a pretty successful run of it none the less, and did manage to release 2 excellent demo tapes, one in 1988 and one in 1990. Both demo tapes are highly recommended listening and can be found below...Dave G.

WNYU radio 10/25/1990

CBGB 1015/1989

1988 and 1990 Demo Tapes


tim said...

Awesome. About fucking time. Underrated and have gone on to some pretty great other fucking bands. Great sound in a scene that seemed to grow pretty stale in those lean years of 89-91. Great guys also.

James Damion said...

Thanks for posting this Dave. I had the original demos they released and remember doing a review for Unite at one point. They might have been a second tier NYHC band but they had a good sound and managed to get on some awesome bills. It's important bands like AAC aren't forgotten or lost in the shuffle.

I used to tape just about every episode of Crucial Chaos back in the 80's and early 90's but i somehow missed this one.

I hope you decide to keep posting on the blog while we work on Rockets Unite.

P.S. That Tim dude has a dirty mouth. Hey Tim, tone it down. I got a wife and kids.

Dave G said...

James sorry if Tim's fucking language fucking offended you lol.

We'll see how it goes. I haven't missed posting on the blog one bit, but from time to time I am going to post a review, or hype a band that deserves attention like At All Cost. I'm just not going to be as active as I was in the past.

Stormy said...

I had never heard of this band until now, but this stuff is excellent. Thanks!


Dave G said...

Stormy, I have another post about At All Cost on my other blog Suburbia Suburbia SUBURBIA! .... here's a link.

tim said...

Amazing Rockland County hardcore band featuring members of Dahlia Seed and Dave's brother Darin on drums. Definitely deserve some accolades.