Saturday, May 07, 2011

Omegas - Blasts of Lunacy - Parts Unknown Records 2011

The Omega's from Montreal Canada have released one hell of a storming punk rock record with "Blasts of Lunacy" definitely delivering on the promise shown on their previous demo and 7".

In all honesty the Lp title says it all. This Lp is full of raw high energy sonic lunacy with the only current comparison that comes to mind being Raleigh North Carolina's Double Negative which is a good thing, a very good thing in my opinion. I've also read a few other reviews comparing The Omega's sound to old school NYHC which I suppose I can hear in some of the riffing, which does bring a little bit of the Cro-mags to mind at times. I wish I could be more descriptive but with bands like The Omega's sometimes you just have to let the music do the talking. If you would like to read more about the band then please follow some of the links below, and buy this record asap.

No Way Records
(purchase limited yellow vinyl)
I Could Die Tomorrow blog ( excellent review and back ground info)
Parts Unknown Records


Zach said...

great band! when i went up to a record store i was gonna buy this, but they didn't have it. now that i hear it i really wish they had it. wow great production. i love Sex Hero.
my favourite Omegas song is called "Gimme Oblivion." i really love that one. it's funny that you posted this cause i was just thinking earlier, "where the hell is my Omegas shirt?!"
have you seen their newest shirt design. drawn by some crazy Australian guy. it's intense.

Dave G said...

Ha, that's a great shirt design.