Monday, May 02, 2011

Stripmines - Sympathy Rations 7" - Sorry State Records 2011

Stripmines - Raleigh NC
Sorry State Records

I bought this 7" without having any idea what the band sounded like and I am certainly not disappointed. Musically this is tough hardcore punk that is as catchy as it is hard with excellent rough vocals which at times brings Richmond Va's Wasted Time to mind.

The Stripmines hail from North Carolina as does the excellent Sorry State record label who released this little gem. If you like what you hear then please head over to Sorry State and grab a 7" and check out their back catalog because they have released many excellent records over the past few years.

Listen: Empty Threat


Shards: S/T 12"
Stripmines: Sympathy Rations 7"
Manipulation: 2 7"


Whatever Brains: Rapper's Delight II 7"
The Love Triangle: Splendid Living 7"
Double Negative: Daydreamnation 12"
Libyans: A Common Place 12"


CHRIS said...

Cackalacky HC! Great scene down here!

Zach said...

i'm not a fan of the harsh vocals. but i do love The Love Triangle Libyans.

Dave G said...

Zach I think me and you are polar opposites when it comes to vocal styles ... Unless a female is singing and then we are in perfect harmony lol.

Zach said...

yeah i'd say we are. haha, yes on the female vocals.