Thursday, May 05, 2011

Small Brown Bike - Fell & Found 2011 No Idea Records.

It's official, Small Brown Bike are back after a pretty lengthy hiatus which found most of the members of Small Brown Bike releasing one excellent album (Voices) under the name Able Baker Fox back in 2008. Actually, Small Brown Bike reformed a few years back (2009 ?) and have been steadily touring and recording in the period leading up to the release of Fell & Found. In 09 they released a 2 song 7" Composite Volume 1 and followed that up with the Composite Volume 2 7" in 2010.

Anyway, enough back ground let's get to the new Lp "Fell & Found" . Unlike Small Brown Bike's previous albums which I found to be immediately fulfilling, Fell & Found takes a few listens to worm it's way into your brain, but once it's in there it sticks for good. The overall mood of the album is melancholic and emotional without being overly aggressive. I would say this record shows a good amount of maturity and definitely shares more in common with their previous Lp "The River Bed" and the 12" ep "Nail Yourself To The Ground" than it does with their earlier albums like "Dead Reckoning" or "Our Own Wars" . Also, most fortunately, the vocals are still delivered with a little input from pretty much every member of the band which is something I have always enjoyed about small brown bike, as the emotional effect of using multiple vocalist has always been an important aspect of the bands sound in my opinion.

So in closing, Fell & Found was definitely worth the wait, and I'm glad to have these guys back touring, and once again dropping excellent music on the masses.

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