Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bad Omen - Demo Tape.- year unknown

Remains of A Sinner
Blinded By Hate
Lost At Sea
Dark Horizons
Evil World

I picked this demo tape up in a trade recently knowing absolutely nothing about the band. I have been unable to find any info about Bad Omen on the internet, however I have determined from the phone number in the tape that Bad Omen were most likely from Queens/Long Island NY. I have no idea how old this demo is but I am assuming late 80's early 90's. If anyone has any info about Bad Omen please leave a comment.

Musically, Bad Omen is a very competent thrash metal act. The songs are heavy and fast paced with nice thick heavy riffing and impressive soloing. This demo was a pleasant surprise and comes highly recommended to all of you old school metal heads that may be following the blog...Dave G.


Mauro said...

This is one of the very first old school demo tapes that i've heard in my life. So much memories beyond the first track... thank you so much for this gem. Much better than many of the mainstream thrash metal.

Dave G said...

Mauro, Do you know anything about this band. I found the demo a few years ago but no absolutely nothing about the band.

Mauro said...

I'm afraid I don't know nothing about this band too... Some sources say it was recorded in 1987 and other (mostly) in 1990, that's all I know.