Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Chords - Now It's Gone / Don't Go Back - 1979 Polydor Records

Now It's Gone

The Chords

This is The Chords first single from 1979. All I can say is if you like MOD bands like The Jam then you will like The Chords. I don't have much more to add in all honesty, I mean this is a catchy MOD pop record, and there's certainly nothing wrong with that...Dave G.

Here's a little history from Wikipedia to save you from having to look it up.

"The Chords are a 1970s British pop music group, commonly associated with the 1970s mod revival, who had several hits in their homeland, before the decline of the trend brought about their break-up. They were one of the more successful groups to emerge during the revival, which was popular in the UK in 1979, thanks in part to The Jam's popularity (and their affection for mod music and style) and the release of The Who's Quadrophenia, a film centred around the mod subculture of the 1960s, and based on their 1973 rock opera. They re-formed with the four original members for a UK tour during 2010".

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James Damion said...

I really enjoyed this. I went through a mod phase a few years back. Never found a whole lot of bands from the second wave.