Friday, November 11, 2011

( Steve Scott) Steel Warriors - On The Road To Hell - 1985

Wow, this is one hell of a record. First you have to soak in the amazing cover art which is worth the price of admission alone. Then you have to actually listen to this mess of a record which is all over the place in all honesty. The A-Side opens with a satanic intro of sorts and goes straight into an okay power metal type song. The B-Side opens with a long fancy guitar solo and is followed by a totally 80's style hair metal song. I think Mr. Scott (who plays all instruments and sings on this record) could have made a better record if he had been a bit more focused. I mean are you a tough metal dude, a guitar hero or a wanna be Brett Michaels? I have no idea...sorry...Dave G.

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Bob Suren said...

I think Steve Scott got Napolean Dynamite to do his cover art.