Tuesday, November 01, 2011

New Breed Tape Compilation - Interview w/Freddy Alva

Interview on United By Rocket Science
Preorder New Breed Tape Compilation LP

My partner in crime over on the United By Rocket Science Blog just upped an interview with Freddy Alva of the legendary NYHC record label "Wardance Records". Freddy just put up the preorder for the New Breed Tape Compilation vinyl reissue. Please read the interview and order a copy of the record from Wardance.

United By Rocket Science is a blog that I do with James from the legendary old school NYHC fanzine "Unite". We try to cover the current local NY/NJ underground music scene as well as old school hardcore/punk etc. We incorporate more record reviews, show reviews and band / label interviews etc than I do here on Rocket Science so check us out when you get a chance.

Also, looking to trade some blog links for the United By Rocket Science blog so if you want to trade links with Rocket Science or United By Rocket Science please add us to your blog links and drop me an email ( dave88@optoniline.net) and I will link you up to us as well...Dave G.


Zach said...

sounds cool. i'll check out this other blog.

Zach said...

oh after 4 months of my blog being dead, i decided to bring it back to life. thanks for your comments.