Tuesday, November 08, 2011

UX Vileheads - Hardcore XI - Sorry State Records 2011


UX Vileheads

Excellent new Lp from Umea Sweden's UX Vileheads. What you get is fast paced straight up catchy hardcore punk that immediately brings Minor Threat to mind, however there is also an old school Boston/NYHC sound/feel to some of the guitar work. This Lp immediately grabbed my attention the moment the needle hit the vinyl for reasons I can't fully explain. I think it's the excellent clean, yet full production, and the warm bass and drum sound that kicks off the opening track. Anyway, I will include a couple tracks ("Blind" is the Lp opener) as a sample for you to hear and then I suggest you head on over to Sorry State Records to grab yourself a copy of this Lp ASAP...Dave G.


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Zach said...

oh man that first song is great. thanks!