Friday, September 10, 2010

100 Flowers - Happy Squid Records 1982

As you may already know 100 Flowers were formerly The Urinals, and this record is their first 7" after the name change. The A-side Presence of Mind is my favorite track on this one with it's rhythmic bass and jangly guitar,which give it a nice post punk feel. The B-side Dyslexia has a little more of a Urinals feel to it to my ears, but it's a bit more fleshed out than The Urinals, and last but not least is the 3rd and final track which is a short dub mash up...good stuff.

Also, I suggest you track down a copy of their other records or the 100 Years of Pulchitude cd which collects their 16 song 100 Flowers 1983 album, the 1982 Presence of Mind single, compilation tracks from the 1981 Hell Comes to Your House and 1983 Warfrat Tales as well as the 1984 five song Drawing Fire ep and two unreleased songs ('I Hate' and 'I'm Like You' which are very familiar to anyone who's seen them or the URINALS a few times). This cd is out of print, but it looks like there are some used copies on Amazon.

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