Thursday, September 09, 2010

The Accelerators - s/t 7" Mutha Records 1984

Take a touch of 60's garage rock, add a sprinkle of the Ramones and what you get is New Jersey's Accelerators. Good stuff, a classic to some and definitely an important record in the history of underground punk rock in the Garden State. .

Here's a little bonus information I found on Collector Scum:

"The singer/guitarist, John Hanson, later died through misadventure and drugs, while the bassist and co-songwriter, Ron Nole, would bring the Accelerators' song catalogue into the Parasites, a noteworthy San Francisco band.[GM]"

P.S. For all you Mutha Records fans. The official Chronic Sick represses are about to drop any day now. Keep an eye on No Way Records for the repress of the 7" and the 12".

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Mike C. said...

Addicted to these guys! Thanks for the upload. Check out Testors 7" Drive-in 1980. They have a similar sound.