Monday, September 20, 2010

Acid Reflux - Demo Tape 2006

Here's a demo tape by a newer punk band that I like. I was shocked to see that this demo came out 4 years ago when I was ripping it, Jesus where does the time go ? Anyway, the band released a 7" version of this demo that had better sound quality, but a few less songs than are on the tape. They also followed up that record with a second 7" called "Secret Powers" and just last week released their 3rd 7" "Moves" on No Way Records.

Purchase Moves 7" here.


Zach said...

great demo! too bad they didn't add all the songs onto the 7". that drum beginning to All Bosses Are Bastards is great! i bought their new Moves 7" along with the Chronic Sick re-issues (also the new Ladies 7"). i hope it's as great as their previous stuff. great post!

Dave G said...

Zach I ordered all those records as well lol.