Friday, September 24, 2010

We Can't Help It If We're From Florida compilation - Destroy Records 1983

Good Compilation especially the Hated Youth and Roach Motel tracks. If you like HY and RM there is a compilation Lp out there that is definitely worth picking up. The Split lp features nineteen previously unreleased HATED YOUTH tracks from 1984, backed with thirteen ROACH MOTEL songs recorded live in 1983. The Hated Youth songs were recorded in 1984 and were originally intended to be an LP on Destroy Records. The Roach Motel tracks were recorded live at Flynn's in Miami, October 22, 1983.


Anonymous said...

"We Can't Help It if We're from Florida" quick stats:

Destroy Records was the co-op label run by members of Roach Motel, financed by RM gigs and based in Gainesville, FL. They also produced the hilarious, politically incorrect Destroy Zine (13 issues).

Three thousand copies of "We Can't Help It" were made in two presses.

The first press of 1,000 has red labels.

The second press of 2,000 has blue labels.

Hated Youth and Sector 4 were from Tallahassee. They recorded their tracks at Mirror Image Studios in Gainesville at the same time the Roach Motel (who were from Gainesville) tracks were recorded. There are aditional tracks from these sessions by all three bands. The extra Hated Youth tracks surfaced in 2000 on the Hated Youth "Hardcore Rules" 7" released on my label, Burrito Records. 3,000 (three thousand) copies were made in two pressings of 1,500 each, all on black vinyl. Pressings are identical.

Rat Cafeteria were from Tampa. Additional songs were recorded at the same session that yielded the two comp tracks. They are considering releasing them.

Morbid Opera were from ft Lauderdale. The singer passed away in April 2010.

The Hated Youth/Roach Motel LP was released in 2002 by my label, Burrito Records. 4,000 (four thousand) copies were made in a single pressing. The HY tracks feature a different line up with the bassist moving to vocals. These 19 songs were to be an LP on Destroy Records but the project -- among others -- was shelved when Destroy went kaput. The roach Motel songs were from a live show at Flynn's Ocean 71 in Miami, recorded Oct 22, 1983.

And now the FUN part. I still have about 200 new, unplayed copies of the Hated Youth/Roach Motel LP in my warehouse. I'm using them for trades and I will be quite generous in my trading. So, tell me what youhave and maybe we can make a trade. You can get as many copies as you want, but I am looking for stuff for my personal collection in excahnge, so I do not need multiple copies of stuff on your label, but for example, one each of 5 or 10 titles might be cool. Or even just one thing. Or something used that you don't listen to anymore. I'm pretty open to ideas. Contact me directly at
Bob Suren
PO Box 3204
Brandon, FL 33509-3204

Bob Suren
owner of Burrito Records (1991-2008)

Dave G said...

Thanks for all the additional info Bob. I hope Rat Cafeteria decides to release the additional songs they have. Also, glad you don't mind that I posted this record and hopefully it will open some eyes and send some people your way. I have a copy of the Hated Youth / Roach motel split 12" which is awesome and I also have the Hated Youth 7" which I had considered posting on the blog as well, but instead I decided to throw up this comp to give all the bands some exposure...Dave G.

Anonymous said...

Hi, David G
I made 3,000 copies of the Hated Youth "Hardcore Rules" 7" in 2 pressings. I figured that would be more than enough for anyone who wanted a copy.

Unfortunately it was not enough and now the record is selling on eBay for many time more than the $3 I sold it for just a few years ago. I am not a fan of music being "rare." I am a fan of music being "available."

In that spirit, and since my label is now defunct and I have no plans to repress it, I don't mind if anyone posts the music for downloads.

If any quality label out there wants to step up and repress "Hardcore Rules," you can find singer Gary Strickland running the Hated Youth My Space page and ask his permission.

I still have the masters for the music, but the printer lost all of the original artwork. So, if it gets repressed, it will need all new art. If anyone does it, please contact me first as I would like to help with the project.

Bob Suren
PO Box 3204
Brandon, FL 33509-3204