Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pagan Faith - st 7" 1985 No Club Records

Cool record from these Clearwater Florida punks. This one works best when they are playing straight forward hardcore punk, however the record loses steam with the pretty terrible B-side opener "Wimpy Skank". Remove the b-side opener, and you have yourself a really good record.

***Received a request to post the Pagan Faith demo, but I do not have it. Does anyone have mp3 files they could contribute ? **** email me



Good post. But if you have or could get ahold of their demo you would really make an old punk's day. The demo is 1000 times better than this rather timid output... Cheers.

Mike C. said...

Really great post. Actually, after this post, and your other Florida posts, I went into my bin and pulled out my F You are an EP. Good stuff. Thanks for the upload

Anonymous said...

Pagan Faith were from Tampa, not Clearwater. Clearwater is where the Scientologists are.

"Wimpy Skank" is supposed to sound wimpy, hence the title. It was somewhat of a novelty song and usually thebest part of their show, with everyone skanking wimpy for a few minutes.

This record is not nearly as good as the band was live. I feel the vocals are too loud and the guitar too quiet.

Dave G said...

The bands address on the insert is a po box in Clearwater which is why I assumed they were from there.

I can definitely see Wimpy Skank as a novelty, but as someone who was not involved in the Florida scene the song has no appeal to me I guess. Just listeing to the record as a whole now I think it flows better without that song

I'd really like to hear the demo ArmednHammered is referring to.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a bigger probably than the wimpiness of "Wimpy Skank" are the dumb-dumb lyrics of the song, "White Niggers Anthem." And the overall no-balls production.

Live Pagan Faith were formidable. (They covered The Dictators "Faster and Louder," calling it a cover by "some shitty rock band." (!) But this record is pale in comparison.

No doubt there is a Pagan Faith demo, but I don't have a copy. I think they have a My Space page, though, and maybe some songs are there.

Incidentally, there are 2 versions of the PF 7". The original came out on No Clubs Records. In the early 1990s, a second version appeared with the same vinyl (matching matrix numbers) but no label contact on the back cover. The second version was distributed by the late Stiff Pole Records, which is where I got mine.

The cover of the burning Bible was shot by Jeff Jewhurst of Belching Penguin. The record was produced by Scott Burns who became a big deal in death metal a few years later.

Dave G said...

Agreed, terrible lyrics.