Saturday, September 04, 2010

C.I.A. - God, Guts, Guns and more 12" More Than A Witness Product Records

I just picked this record up and I love it so much that I wanted to take the time to recommend it to everyone. The Lp includes the classic 7" God, Guns, Guts plus you get 5 outtakes from the 7 " session, the Audio West demo from 1982, the Blue Basement Demo from 1982, the Lost Rehearsal Tape from 1982 and a couple live tracks from The Anthrax Gallery 1983.

There have been a lot of these types of compilation LP's coming out lately, but this is honestly one of the best if not the best one yet. The sound quality is top notch and every song on this record rips. The other thing that's great about this collection is that none of the songs are repeated, so if you have only heard the 7" then there are 14 songs on this platter that you have never get off your ass and go get a copy right HERE . Tell Chris at MTAWP that Rocket Science sent you...Dave G.


Javi said...

yeah, Dave, the guy at More than a Witness has done an extraordinary job with the CIA comp.
I just wish himself or somebody could embark in some kinda reissues/ comps of the Mutha catalog or similarly obscure, elusive and tragically expensive stuff (I'm aware of the reissue to come of the Chronic Sick stuff by No Way, but in this vinyl reenactment era somebody should do a proper reissue of the likes of The Worst and Fatal Rage, just to name a few.

Zach said...

where's the download link? haha i'm just kidding.
yeah lot of these types lately. that's good about the no repeat songs. i loved the bum kon reissue but it added 5 of the same songs but different versions at the end of it. oh well.

Chad Kelsey said...

Just got this today, and i LOVE it! The version of "I Hate The Radio" (later done by Bones' next band 76% UNCERTAIN) fuckkin' RIIIIIPS!

Dave G said...

I agree Chad...this is a killer record from start to finish.