Friday, October 29, 2010

Negative Approach - 10 song 7" Touch & Go Records 2010

Another classic 7" re-released thanks to the current vinyl craze and nostalgia for the past. I guess it's cool to be able to get this record for $5 instead of $200, hell maybe it will cause the value of the original to come down to a price that I can afford to pay.

Anyway, Touch & Go remastered this record and released it in an unknown quantity or at least I can't find any pressing information. They also cleaned up the cover image and it looks about 1,000,000 times worse than the original, however the music still kicks ass and that is all that really matters. If you have somehow never heard this record before, think Mau Maus meets Agnostic Front or something along those lines, at least that's what this 7" has always sounded like to my ears.

If you've always wanted this and couldn't afford an original then here's your chance to get a copy while supplies last. I'll share one song just to give you an idea of how this remastered version sounds and then I highly suggest you order a copy from the link provided.

Ready To Fight

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Shawn Sings

Dag Nasty "Can I Say" session recorded on Halloween Day 1985 with Shawn Brown on vocals. This session was never released in it's entirety until now... thanks to Dischord Records.

I remember first hearing this Lp back in the day and dismissing it, honestly based on Dave Smalley's vocals. I really felt the vocals were too melodic at the time but over the years I grew to really like this Lp and Dave's vocals as well.

Anyway, I really like this version of Can I Say, and Shawn's vocals immediately correct what I had thought was a problem many years ago upon first hearing this record. Shawn's vocals are much tougher and hardcore sounding than Dave's, and really add a harder somewhat less melodic feel to the songs. It's cool to hear this session in it's entirety, and now you have 2 excellent versions of this record to choose from so it's a win/win...Dave G.


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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Echo and the Bunnymen - 1st 7" 1979 -

I would assume everyone is familiar with Echo and the Bunnymen. This is their first 7" from 79 (pre-major label) and it's great if you like this type of thing, and I like this type of thing. So give this little teaser a listen and then go purchase some of their records.

The Pictures On The Wall
I've Read It In Books

Friday, October 22, 2010

Rejectors - Thoughts of War 7" Fartz Records 1982

Fast and filthy hardcore punk from Seattle Washington circa 1982. The Rejectors sound is similar to the Fartz, or at least the Fartz fast songs, and the early Accussed stuff. I guess there was something in the water out there. If you like this 7" then I suggest you find yourself a copy of the Accused / Rejectors Split Lp as well.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gang Green - Skate To Hell / Alcohol 7" Taang 1985

I'm not a big Gang Green fan in all honesty. I mean the tracks on "This Is Boston Not LA" are fantastic and the first 7" is swell , but they sort of lost me with the whole punk rock party band thing, however the song "Alcohol" from this 7" is a fine party anthem that has always been able to get me off my feet and singing along.

Skate To Hell

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fad Gadget - Back To Nature / The Box - Mute Records 1979

It's been awhile since I posted some synth rock so I figured why not give you the first Fad Gadget 7". What you get are 2 perfectly cold and sterile sounding synth rock tunes that still manage to be catchy and memorable with the b-side ( “the box”) being the type of song that could just get stuck in your head all day after hearing it.

Back To Nature

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Absence of Malice - Awakening - Attentater Records 1985

Hardcore punk from Richmond Va circa 1985. This one definitely leans more towards the hardcore / crossover side of things. The music is solid,good tight thrashy riffs with good tough vocals throughout. A bit of an obscure record... give it a listen.

available from No Way Records.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

God's Will - You're On My Property Now Son - Blowfish Records 1984

Angry straight forward hardcore punk from Norfolk VA. . A minor classic, at least in the Southern United States. If you like no nonsense in your face angry hardcore punk then give this one a listen.

P.S. The top image is the cover for the God's Will 7". The picture below it is a test press cover that Richmond VA's Wasted Time made mimicing the original God's Will 7". I figured I'd post both covers to show the influence the God's Will 7" still has in the VA area.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Outcasts - Frustration 7" It Record Co 1978

I'm posting this single up by request. This is the first 7" from the Outcasts who hailed from Belfast. My copy of this record is in beautifully rough condition, plenty of scratches and crackling going on which sort of fits the rough yet catchy 77 style of punk rock that is trapped inside the records grooves....Dave G.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tyrant - Too Late To Pray - Combat Records 1987

Picked this record up this past weekend at my new favorite record store. I can't believe how much awesome punk and metal records this shop had. Anyway, I had Tyrants first Lp as a kid and stupidly sold it in the 90's. When I saw this one sitting in the bin for $3 I had to have it. What you get is really good doom/power metal I guess you could call it. They use a falsetto scream in the background of many of these tracks which is pretty cool and actually sort of original for this style of metal. There are times on this record where Jag Panzer comes to mind and that is a very good thing in my opinion. Now all I have to do is track down a copy of their first Lp and add it back to the collection.

P.S. I was just advised that Tyrant is still active and playing in NYC on 10/15/10 so anyone in the area should definitely check them out. I also see that they have some merch available on their webpage , so if you like this post please stop by their band page and show some support as well. Band page is here

Friday, October 08, 2010

Hydra Vein - Rather Death Than False of Faith - Mean Machine Records 1988

Went to a friends a few weekends ago to hang and have a few beers , which eventually lead to me going through his record collection and happening upon this record. I mean one look at the ridiculously metal album cover and I knew I had to have this record. I asked him if we could listen to the first song and if it was good if I could borrow the record to post on the blog to which he replied if it's good you can have the record because I'll probably never listen to it again regardless. Anyway, what you get is surprisingly good straight forward thrash metal that at times brings Whiplash to mind. We had originally assumed this band was from Jersey because the record was given to my friend back in the day by a local dude and the label was based out of NY, but it turns out this band is actually from the UK, which was a surprise because UK thrash generally sucks lol....enjoy ...Dave G.

P.S. Having problems with the anti-skate on my turntable so to save time on my part I borrowed the sound files from Horrible Noise blog, please check out the excellent Horrible Noise for more amazing and extreme metal posts.


Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Delicious - S/T 3 song cd 2003

Delicious who hailed from Ashville, NC used to play fairly regularly around NY/NJ a few years back. I saw them 2 or 3 times as my brothers band played some shows with them at Uncle Joe's in Jersey City (RIP). They play an instrumental sort of stoner rock with infectious grooves at times, but what I really enjoy is their tendency to go into long tripped out interludes that somehow manage to hold my interest for long periods of time, and I am a notoriously impatient listener, when they wake up from these interludes they come back with a vengeance. I know this is a bit of a departure for me to post a psychedelic stoner rock band, but I always enjoyed this cd and their live set was amazing, so I figured I'd post this up to see what kind of reaction it will receive...Dave G.


P.S. Don't let the term "Stoner Rock" scare you.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Slaughter - Bloody Karnage - Demo 1984

Here's a 7" of the 1984 demo by Canada's Slaughter. I am not sure if this was an official release or if it's a bootleg, but I do know that either way it is out of print at this point.

I really don't know what to say about this record. The music is primitive sounding death/thrash with fairly clean vocals.
I don't know, there is a low budget quality to the music and this entire record package that I find charming and completely captivating in all honestly. It's funny because I had their Lp "Strappado" as a teen and I never really got into it...unfortunately I sold the Lp in the 90's. I bet if I still had the Lp I would like now...Dave G.