Thursday, February 24, 2011

One Way System - Cumon Feel The Noize 7" Anagram 1983

The A-side opens with a cover of Quite Riot's "Cum On Feel The Noize".....hahaha just kidding I know it's a Slade cover. This version is pretty cool, I like the gruff punk style applied to this super catchy song. On the b-side you get " Breakin In" which was taken from One Way Systems excellent full length "All Systems Go".

Friday, February 18, 2011

Deep Sleep - Turn Me Off - 2011 - Grave Mistake Records

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I have to say I got exactly what I hoped for on this record...every song is up-tempo, direct and memorable. I always see Descendents comparisons made when it comes to Deep Sleep, hell I've done it myself, but on these new songs I swear I hear a touch of At The Drive In, especially vocally, but I doubt it's even intentional in all honesty, I just think there is a vocal similarity to my ears. If I had to make a complaint about this record it would be that it is too short...10 songs in 13 minutes , well at least it leaves me wanting more...Dave G.

Anyway, I definitely recommend this color vinyl is still available as well.

Here are some assorted links to reviews etc.

Alt Press
Dying Scene
Grave Mistake Store
Deep Sleep

Addendum: I have been spinning this record non-stop the past week or so and it's really great...the type of record that works it's way into your head and you can't get it out. I also saw Deep Sleep live last night 02/20/2011 and they were amazing so if they come to your town you should definitely get off your ass and go check them out.

Rights Of The Accused - Innocence 7" 1984

Rights Of The Accused - Chicago Il
Little Farmer Records 1984

Fast tight hardcore punk delivered by some pretty young looking kids. As I was preparing this post I noticed that Erich posted it on his blog some time ago so for more info and his take on this record go here . I have to agree with Erich that the drumming is pretty fantastic.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Jason at punk has been putting out some cool old school punk collections over the past few years and I felt that it's was time that I gave his label a little plug here on Rocket Science.

I think I first caught wind of Jason's label a few years back when he released a 2x vinyl collection called "Farewell To Venice" which featured 23 old school Venice Beach California bands like No Mercy, Last Round Up and Beowulf just to name a few. Since the release of "Farewell To Venice" Jason has dropped an Lp of early No Mercy demos featuring their original vocalist (pre Mike Muir of Suicidal Tendencies ) and the excellent Patriots compilation containing their excellent 7" "Land of The Free" + 10 demo tracks and a bunch of other records as well.

I am going to give you a few sample tracks so you can check out some of the bands and if you like what you hear then head over to and order yourself some records.

SOS - I Won't Go
Stillborn - Incomplete
No Mercy - Brain Damage
Last Round Up - Billions For Destruction
Patriots - Land of The Free

P.S. If you are looking for some rare punk/hardcore records punk also sells rare oop records by many of your favorite old school punk bands. You can check out the for sale page right here .

Punk Discography

Farewell To Venice
The Patriots - The Guilty Walk Free
No Mercy - Early demos + live
Stillborn - Answer's Left Unquestioned
Last Round Up
Stukas Over Bedrock - Back To The Stoneage
Demob - Crime Through Time
N.O.S - No One Special
Cycotic Youth
S.O.S. - Shower of Smegma
The Beer Nuts

Urban Assault - S/T 7" 1982

Urban Assault
Shock Value
Join The Army
Product of Society

Urban Assault San Francisco, CA.
Fowl Records 1982

Excellent, maybe even classic mid paced early punk from San Francisco. Urban Assault reminds me of the Fuck Up's who are another of my favorite San Francisco punk bands who also released a 7" on Fowl Records back in 1982.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Snag - Rage In Unity - Demo Tape 1988

Snag - Clifton NJ - Facebook

Snag kicked around the NJ/NY metal and hardcore scene in the late 80's and early 90's playing regularly at local venues with touring metal and hardcore bands. Snags music contains elements of thrash/power metal and hardcore with good solid riffing, quick bursts of speed and chanted choruses to get your head banging , your fists pumping and the pit moving.

If you are an old school Metal head like me and you like to track down metal obscurities like you can find over on the Lockjaw blog then give this a will not be disappointed...Dave G.


Tuesday, February 08, 2011

1919 - Caged / After The Fall - Red Rhino Records 1982

Here's the first 7" from this excellent post wave band. I have posted a few other records by 1919 in the past and figured today I might as well give you another taste. If you like what you hear you can purchase "The Complete Collection" cd right here for only $8.99 which seems like an excellent value to me considering the greatness of the music.

After The Fall

Monday, February 07, 2011

United Mutation - Rainbow Person 7" DSI Records 1984

Strange record indeed. At times this record sounds like the Bad Brains on acid with a vocal mixture somewhere between HR and Blaine from the Accused. Zach over at Hardcore Punk reviews posted the bands demo 7" a while back and we both agreed that we really didn't care for it's straight forward noisy hookless approach, however this 7" which is the bands 2nd official 7" release I find totally appealing thanks to it's completely unique off the wall approach.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Deep Sleep - Grave Mistake Records

Deep Sleep - Baltimore MD.
Grave Mistake Records - Richmond VA.

Preorder new Lp " Turn Me Off" right HERE

I have to admit that Deep Sleep have spent a lot of time on my turntable over the past 4 years or so. I remember buying their first 7" " You're Screwed" on the Excellent Grave Mistake label and being totally blown away by their rough yet catchy punk sound. In my opinion Deep Sleep has upped the anti with each of their releases to date, which includes their 2008 second 7" "Manic Euphoria" and their 2009 third 7" Paranoid Futures" all of which have been released by Grave Mistake.

Musically, Deep Sleep have always brought the Descendents to mind for me personally, but they definitely put their own twist on things to keep the music fresh and current.

I am presenting a few songs from the bands 7" releases for your listening pleasure. If you like what you hear please head over to Grave Mistake and order their records, all of which are currently in print, or you can purchase the excellent "Three Things At Once" cd which compiles all 3 7" records onto one cd. Also, keep your eyes open for the bands forthcoming full length LP release on Grave Mistake called " Turn Me Off" which should be released February 2011, and promises to be a scorcher...Dave G.

01 Let Go You're Screwed 7" 2006
02 Checkout You're Screwed 7" 2006
03 I'm On Top Manic Euphoria 7" 2008
04 On A Slab Paranoid Futures 7" 2009

P.S. Grave Mistake currently has a package deal in their webstore where you get the cd and all three 7 inches for $ can't beat that deal so get on it. Also take a look around the webstore because I can seriously recommend Grave Mistakes entire back catalog of releases.