Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Syianic - The Cross Has Fallen ! demo tape 1987

Here's a demo tape from my youth that was actually made by some friends of mine and my brothers back in the day. Syianic hailed from Rockland County NY and they released this demo in 1987 and a second demo in 1988 that consisted of only 1 song, but what a killer song it is, more on that later. Anyway, the band feature Glenn (guitars), Rodney( drums) and Damon (bass and vocals) who later went on to play with Non-Fiction with Dan Lorenzo of Hades.

Well, that's enough background let's get to the music. The first 1987 demo is complex underground Death/Thrash metal with tons of good riffs, pounding drums and walking bass lines. In 1988 the band went back into the studio looking to improve on the sound quality of the 87 demo and also to take the music to an even more complex place, and what they ended up with is an epic VoiVoid meets Slayer "Hell Awaits" era sounding masterpiece of a song...Dave G. 

Click HERE to download the 1987 " The Cross Has Fallen" demo, the 1988 demo and a song from the At War With Self - A Familiar Path cd.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Sanctus - Accept The Blessing - Demo Tape 1988

Sanctus at times reminds me of Nuclear Assault, like on the song "Gutter Bitch" and also in parts they remind me of "Wrecking Crew" era Overkill, with vocals that bring Alan Tecchio of Hades to mind. These guys went all out with this very professional demo, which they recorded at Pyramid sound with John Periales, had Glenn Evans record the drums and then they had Rob Wacko Hunter mix. That's a lot of well known dudes mixed up with an unsigned band. This tape is pretty good, but the high pitched vocals are a bit too much at times for me personally.

Unfortunately,based on a search of the Encyclopaedia Metallum website it appears this demo never did lead to a record deal for these thrashers from Glenn Oaks NY.


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Selective Outrage - 1988 Demo Tape

Here's an old post of a great band. Figured with the new activity on the blog that this post would also fill people in on my background a little bit...Dave G.

I am posting this demo to fill a request for Brian who did some detective work and figured out where I grew up by piecing together little random details about me from my previous posts. For the rest of you I will tell you that I grew up in the burbs of NYC in Rockland County.
Rockland was a pretty normal place to grow up... full of the usual burnouts, jock assholes and rednecks that you find in pretty much everytown U.S.A. The only thing Rockland had going for it was its proximity to NYC...about 30 minutes, so it took little effort to sneak out and hit NYC for some record shopping or to see a good show at Lamours or CBGB etc. Anyway, with this easy exposure to the metal and punk underground it made perfect sense that in a short period of time between say 1985 - 1990 there were probably no less than 10-15 hardcore/metal bands from Rockland who would get together at various small local bars, clubs and VFW halls to play shows, hang out and cause all kinds of trouble lol.

Anyway, after that ridiculously long intro let me tell you that Selective Outrage were one of the, if not the best band of the bunch. I would describe their style as Thrash Discharge if that makes sense. They even cover State Violence / State Control on this demo. The songs are agressive,straight forward and catchy as hell. The vocals and lead guitar work really stand out to me still to this day. Overall this demo rips and I hope some of you enjoy this obscure little gem of a tape.

Click Here

P.S. Thanks Chris S ( SOR vocalist) for hooking me up with the cd containing all of the Selective Outrage material recorded between 1985-88. Maybe if you blogheads dig this demo I will upload their other demos in the future.

Terminal Bliss - Dark Side of Tomorrow demo tape 1993

Here's a little known band whose tape I scored at a local flea market recently. The band were from Delaware and they play a mid-tempo style of metal with some good heavy riffs and clean vocals. There is certainly nothing groundbreaking on offer, however I didn't see the band listed in the Encyclopedia Metallum or mentioned on the Heavy Metal Rarities forum so I figured it was worth posting this up for historical purposes...Dave G.

Beast Within
Journey / In The Black
Aimlessly Lost
Broken Circle 
Deadly Persuasion 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Parasyte - 1988 Demo Tape

I don't know a lot about this band. I know they were from New Jersey and that the singer went on to join Midian after the release of this demo tape. Solid thrash metal demo tape, vocals can go over the top but that is not a bad thing.  If you dig this I'd suggest checking out Midian, they have an anthology cd floating around that contains all of their recorded material...Dave G.

Darkness Can Be Deceptive
Your Life Ends Slut 

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Cyanide - 1986 Demo Tape

Jersey power metal band, that I know very little about. The demo consists of three solid power metal songs and a ballad type tune that is less interesting....Dave G.

out of the night
opus 13
mass attack