Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Suburbia Suburbia SUBURBIA!

Suburbia Suburbia SUBURBIA!

I've been hard at work on my other blog Suburbia Suburbia SUBURBIA! the last few days. My partner in crime Chris S. and myself uploaded 6 posts yesterday covering rare and obscure indie, punk and metal releases from the 80's - 90's suburban New York City music scene. Here are some links to what we have been up to.

Bar Sinister - late 80's thrash metal
Sectorian - late 80's death metal
Malicious Onslaught - 80's - 90's death metal.
Permanent Damnage - 90's metal
Killpower - 90's thrash/death metal
Torment - 80's thrash metal

Also in the Metal section of the blog you will find Decomposed - Hostile Rage - Sadistik Ritual - Selective Outrage - Syianic - Riphouse.

Atlas Shrugged - 1990's NYHC

Also in the Hardcore section you will fins At All Cost - Disillusion - Geek Attack (Dan Derella Underdog).

Dough Boys - early 80's punk ... really great.

Also in the Punk Section Proper ID and Borscht.

90's shoegaze like swervedriver or my bloody valentine
Gibson Girls - stradle the line between indie and punk rock.

Also in the Indie/Emo /Pop section Naked Statue - Drill - Mariner Four - Dahlia Seed - Agony Flower (another band from Danny Dog from Underdog NYHC) .

Please check out the SS blog and help us spread the word about the blog and the bands that we have covered so far. Also, if you have a blog please hit me up to share links. I'd like to add more links to the SSS blog as well as Rocket Science...Dave G.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Glorious Times - A pictorial of The Death Metal Scene (1981-1991)

Additional details (below) from

This 160-page book showcases rare (many never-before-seen) pictures from the death metal scene (1984-1991) and instead of narration by an outside author, the stories contained in the book come from the bands and 'zine editors of the period.

Commented the authors: "We refused to conform to the publishers who wanted every bands stories (written in THEIR words) rewritten by a third party. We refused to take out our rare pics and insert promo lineup shots as the publishers wanted. Instead we sought out other photographers from the old days and found even more never before seen pictures. At the same time we also sought out a few more bands to make this version even better. We now have added 11 bands with stories from such legends as Ron Sumers (SLAUGHTER), Scott Peterson (CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER), Eric Meyer and Jim Durkin (DARK ANGEL), Joe Caper (RIGHTEOUS PIGS), Brian Lehfeldt and Shann Mortimer (WEHRMACHT), Ross Dolan (IMMOLATION) and also Rob Urbinati and Scott Watts (SACRIFICE), among others. Included, too, are pictures from the personal collections of Ron Sumbers, Scott Peterson, Brian Lehfeldt, Ross Dolan and a bunch of others.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Metal Clogs - Rave On Records compilation 1982

Metal Clogs

Metal Clogs is a nwobhm compilation,and the first release on the Rave On label who is best known for being the label that brought us the Mercyful Fate Nuns Have No fun 12" .

This compilation present four young metal bands from Holland (3) and Belgium (1) circa 1982, and I have to say that I enjoy every single track on this record with Frankenstein being the most surprising and enjoyable band for me with their blues influenced style of NWOBHM.

All the bands on this compilation bring something a little different to the table, however the compilation has a very cohesive feel to it. Overall, if you are a fan of early Rainbow, Iron Maiden or similiar acts then this record is right up your alley...Dave G.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Overdrive - Swords and Axes - Planet Records 1984

Swords and Axes

Purchase remastered cd with bonus tracks Here

Another cool traditional metal Lp I picked up at the flea market recently. Some real good guitar work on this one, just listen to the opening riffs in the first song "Dream Away" and the excellent b-side instrumental opener " Swords and Axes" ...really excellent stuff...Dave G.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Millennium - ST LP - Guardian Records 1984


I picked up this excellent Lp this past weekend knowing absolutely nothing about the band, however I did notice that this record was on the Guardian label who also brought us the might Mythra.

This Lp is total nwobhm goodness, there are actually more than a few moments on this records when Kill 'Em All era Metallica comes to mind. I think this one is pretty obscure and out of print but it definitely deserves to be heard...Dave G.