Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Four Fingers - Summer Demo 2011

Four Fingers - Denville, NJ

Here is a link to the Four Fingers brand new 3 song demo.

Four Fingers is an excellent punk/hardcore band from New Jersey, who's 7" I posted previously. Give this demo a listen and grab their 7" and then follow them on Facebook. I know they are currently putting together a summer tour and may be coming to your town so check them out if they play near you because they are a total ball of uncontrolled energy live...Dave G.

Summer Demo 2011
Sam Loomis 7"
Four Fingers Facebook

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

At All Cost ( NY ) - live on WNYU radio 10/25/90 and CBGB 10/15/89

Excellent underrated NYHC band who kicked around the scene from 87/88 - 90/91. I saw At All Cost live many times back in the day playing shows at CBGB, The Anthrax, Sundance and on and on, sharing bills with the likes of Killing Time/Raw Deal, Token Entry, Cro-mags, Destruction, Candlemas and Suicidal Tendencies...just to name a few.

Anyway, while At All Cost were not one of the top NYHC bands back in the day, at least based on popularity, they still had a pretty successful run of it none the less, and did manage to release 2 excellent demo tapes, one in 1988 and one in 1990. Both demo tapes are highly recommended listening and can be found below...Dave G.

WNYU radio 10/25/1990

CBGB 1015/1989

1988 and 1990 Demo Tapes

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Imposters - The First Four Years - cassette - Foreign Fish Records 2011

The Imposters - The First Four Years cassette

The Imposters from Hermosa Beach California play a throwback style of hardcore/punk that would have been right at home on Poshboy back in the early 80's. There is a definite skate punk feel to the music and an overall loose unhinged feeling that I really enjoy. The band also throws some surf rock into the mix occasionally, but they deliver it in way that sounds raw and dirty , which works perfectly.

As far as recorded material goes I highly recommend that you grab a copy of their cassette only release on Foreign Fish Records titled "The First Four Years", which collects the bands demos, cover songs and early cuts. The cassette is limited to a first pressing of only 50 copies and from what I understand there are less than 5 copies left so act fast if you want one. You can also order copies of the bands two 7" releases and their Lp from their Myspace page...Dave G.

The Imposters - MySpace
Hardcore Punk Reviews / Foreign Fish Records

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Night Birds - Fresh Kills Volume 1 cd Grave Mistake Records 2011 + Summer Tour and Upcoming Lp "The Other Side of Darkness"

Night Birds- Fresh Kills Volume 1 ( purchase here )

The Night Birds are one of the top punk bands tearing it up on the underground scene these days. Sound wise you get a mixture of pop punk, surf and straight up full speed ahead punk rock, think Adolescent / DI/ Agent Orange for influences. The cd I am promoting here is a compilation of the bands recorded material to date, which I will breakdown chronologically.

4 song demo 2009: Self Released
Night Birds S/T 7" Grave Mistake Records / Dirtnap Records ( Available Here )
Killer Waves 7" Art of The Underground Records (Sold out)
Midnight Movies 7" No Way Records (Available Here )

The Night Birds are heading out on a Summer Tour and will be releasing a full length album on Grave Mistake in July of 2011 titled "The Other Side of Darkness" , which I hear is their best recordings to date, at least that is what I have been told by people who have been fortunate enough to hear an advance of the record, which is really saying something based on the greatness of their back catalog as showcased on the compilation cd "The Fresh Kills Volume 1".

Also, I know from first hand experience that the Night Birds are one hell of a great live bands, as I was fortunate enough to have them come through town back in February of this year and completely blow me away with their live set.

Overall, the Night Birds have already amassed an impressive discography in a short period of time, and I for one am looking forward to the release of their new full length album "The Other Side of Darkness" . The buzz for this band is really picking up, so get on board now so you can claim you knew them before they became the next big thing...Dave G.

Night Birds ( FaceBook )

Summer Tour Dates:

Tues. 5/31- Brooklyn, NY @ Europe (98 Meserole Ave) w/ Tragedy, Citizens Arrest, Teargas, Night Birds. Doors @ 8:00pm / $10 / ALL AGES

Thurs. 6/2- Asbury Park, NJ @ the Lanes w/ T.S.O.L., Phibes, Shot Baker. Doors @ 8:00pm / $14

Sat. 6/4- Austin, TX (CHAOS IN TEJAS) @ Beerland (711 Red River) w/ Marked Men, the Shitty Limits, Deskonocidos. Doors @ 3pm / $10 / 21+

Sun. 6/5- Austin, TX (CHAOS IN TEJAS) @ The Mohawk (912 Red River St.) w/ Dillinger Four, Fucked Up, the Slowmotions, Toys That Kill, Night Birds, Tenement. Doors @ 4:15 / $15 / ALL AGES

Mon. 6/6- Binghampton, NY @ Fitzies Pub (Main St.) w/ Night Birds, the Serlingtons

Tue. 6/7- Buffalo, NY @ Funeral Home (366 Ontario St.) w/ Night Birds, Boneblack, Everything Falls Apart, Mayday. Doors @ 6:00pm / $6

Wed. 6/8- Cleveland, OH @ Now That’s Class (11213 Detroit Ave.) w/ Tinsel Teeth, Night Birds, Pleasure Leftists. Doors @ 9:00pm / $5

Thu. 6/9- Dearborn, MI @ Refuge Skate Shop (24334 Michigan Ave.) w/ Night Birds

Fri. 6/10- Chicago, IL @ Lucky Gator Loft (3950 W GRAND) w/ Night Birds, Canadian Rifle, Pukeoid, Culo, The Credentials, Divine Right. Doors @ 8:00pm / $7 / ALL AGES

Sat. 6/11- Minneapolis, MN @ Hill Valley w/ Night Birds. Doors @ 9:00pm

Sun. 6/12- Milwaukee, WI @ Ground Zero (2650 N Richards St.) w/ Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children Macnuggets, Night Birds, Holy Shit, Get Rad, and The Hard Feelings. Doors @ 6pm / $6

Mon. 6/13- St Louis, MO w/ Night Birds

Tue. 6/14 - Carbondale, IL @ The Hanging Garden (405 Cherry Court) w/ Night Birds, Hospital Job (new band w/ members of the Copyrights)

Wed. 6/15 - Indianapolis, IN @ Vibes Music (1051 east 54th St.) w/ Night birds, Picked Clean, Chaotic Neutral. Doors @ 7pm / $6

Thu. 6/16 - Newport, KY @ Southgate House (24 E 3rd st.) w/ Night Birds, the Dopamines, New Creases. Doors @ 5:00pm / 18+

Fri. 6/17 - Columbus, OH @ House w/ Night Birds, the Dopamines, New Creases.

Sat. 6/18 - Bethlehem, PA @ Secret Art Space w/ Night Birds, Bad American, Muscle Revolution, Slums. Zeromentalityfanzine@gmail.com for address and info

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Omegas - Blasts of Lunacy - Parts Unknown Records 2011

The Omega's from Montreal Canada have released one hell of a storming punk rock record with "Blasts of Lunacy" definitely delivering on the promise shown on their previous demo and 7".

In all honesty the Lp title says it all. This Lp is full of raw high energy sonic lunacy with the only current comparison that comes to mind being Raleigh North Carolina's Double Negative which is a good thing, a very good thing in my opinion. I've also read a few other reviews comparing The Omega's sound to old school NYHC which I suppose I can hear in some of the riffing, which does bring a little bit of the Cro-mags to mind at times. I wish I could be more descriptive but with bands like The Omega's sometimes you just have to let the music do the talking. If you would like to read more about the band then please follow some of the links below, and buy this record asap.

No Way Records
(purchase limited yellow vinyl)
I Could Die Tomorrow blog ( excellent review and back ground info)
Parts Unknown Records

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Small Brown Bike - Fell & Found 2011 No Idea Records.

It's official, Small Brown Bike are back after a pretty lengthy hiatus which found most of the members of Small Brown Bike releasing one excellent album (Voices) under the name Able Baker Fox back in 2008. Actually, Small Brown Bike reformed a few years back (2009 ?) and have been steadily touring and recording in the period leading up to the release of Fell & Found. In 09 they released a 2 song 7" Composite Volume 1 and followed that up with the Composite Volume 2 7" in 2010.

Anyway, enough back ground let's get to the new Lp "Fell & Found" . Unlike Small Brown Bike's previous albums which I found to be immediately fulfilling, Fell & Found takes a few listens to worm it's way into your brain, but once it's in there it sticks for good. The overall mood of the album is melancholic and emotional without being overly aggressive. I would say this record shows a good amount of maturity and definitely shares more in common with their previous Lp "The River Bed" and the 12" ep "Nail Yourself To The Ground" than it does with their earlier albums like "Dead Reckoning" or "Our Own Wars" . Also, most fortunately, the vocals are still delivered with a little input from pretty much every member of the band which is something I have always enjoyed about small brown bike, as the emotional effect of using multiple vocalist has always been an important aspect of the bands sound in my opinion.

So in closing, Fell & Found was definitely worth the wait, and I'm glad to have these guys back touring, and once again dropping excellent music on the masses.

Links of interest:

Small Brown Bike
No Idea Records
Fell & Found: Purchase Lp or CD, and to also hear sound samples from the Lp.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Shirks - Cry Cry Cry 7" Grave Mistake Records 2011

Excellent new record from these Washington DC punkers. Go buy one now and get limited red vinyl (100 copies) before they are gone. If you like catchy punk rock with hints of The Saints thrown in for good measure then you need this record...Dave G.

GRAVE045: THE SHIRKS "Cry Cry Cry" 7"

"This is EP number four from one of Washington DC's finest, THE SHIRKS. CRY CRY CRY features three more infectious, guitar driven punk rock 'n roll A-Sides with 70's punk feel - there's a heavy SAINTS / Aussie KBD sound present in these tunes (I definitely hear it...Dave G.) - run through the 90's garage filter while maintaining a raw and primitive vibe. To put things into perspective, Terminal Boredom might have put it best in a review of their last 7" on Windian, referring to the band's style as "East Coast tough-as-shit leather jacket punk bad ass-ness" ... while I'm not 100% sure what that means, I can't really disagree with it either because it sounds kinda perfect. THE SHIRKS have been at it for a few years now, with each release better than then next - if you have yet to check them out, then what better place to start than with this 7"?

Grave Mistake Records

Monday, May 02, 2011

Stripmines - Sympathy Rations 7" - Sorry State Records 2011

Stripmines - Raleigh NC
Sorry State Records

I bought this 7" without having any idea what the band sounded like and I am certainly not disappointed. Musically this is tough hardcore punk that is as catchy as it is hard with excellent rough vocals which at times brings Richmond Va's Wasted Time to mind.

The Stripmines hail from North Carolina as does the excellent Sorry State record label who released this little gem. If you like what you hear then please head over to Sorry State and grab a 7" and check out their back catalog because they have released many excellent records over the past few years.

Listen: Empty Threat


Shards: S/T 12"
Stripmines: Sympathy Rations 7"
Manipulation: 2 7"


Whatever Brains: Rapper's Delight II 7"
The Love Triangle: Splendid Living 7"
Double Negative: Daydreamnation 12"
Libyans: A Common Place 12"

Blessed Offal - 2011 cassette ep

Blessed Offal

Blessed Offal are a Death/Doom Metal outfit from Boston who have been together since 2005, but have only released a rehearsal tape and this 2011 ep that I am reviewing today.

Musically I'd compare Blessed Offal to Gorguts, Death or old Incantation. This cassette ep is perfectly executed, powerful, cold and just fucking sick in all honesty. If you like any of the bands I mentioned above then get off your ass and get one of these's ep's before it is too late (limited to 100 copies).

I also found this review of the ep on the net which I will present to you to hopefully fill in the blanks left by my lack of knowledge regarding the Death/Doom scene.

"Death/doom/grind ala Repulsion, Autopsy, old Incantation, Disciples Of Mockery, Rottrevore, Funebre, Dead Congregation and Necros Christos. Great production with a thick bass sound and over all cold/empty atmosphere."

Blessed Offal - Bottomless Grave


The Shards - st Lp - Sorry State Records 2011

The Shards - Raleigh North Carolina
Sorry State Records
Collective Zine review of Lp

I got this Lp a month ago or so, and it has been slowly worming it's way into my brain with each repeated listen. I have a lot of comparisons on the tip of my tongue for this record, but nothing is really jumping immediately to mind. The music itself is very thick and dark yet catchy as all hell.

Here is what the label has to say about the record.

"Raleigh, North Carolina's Shards return to Sorry State for their debut LP. The style is still dark, catchy punk in the tradition of bands like TSOL, 45 Grave and early Christian Death, but this time around the production is much more layered and ambitious, driving these great songs into your brain with maximum impact. This one has great packaging, too, including a gatefold jacket, obi strip, and free mp3 download. The first 100 orders also come with a 1.5" Shards button."

Here is one song for you to give a listen to, if you like what you hear then please visit Sorry State and grab yourself an Lp.

Breeder Scum