Thursday, May 09, 2013

No Means No

Just felt like posting this image somewhere...Dave G.


zach said...

hey Dave, how you doing? i've got my internet back and am gonna start posting again. i had another site (cause the other one was messed up for various reasons).

Dave G said...

Doing well Zach, good to hear from you. I will definitely check out your new site. Hope all is well.

zach said...

yeah i'm doing good. just been working full time, saving money. now i've got enough and moving to toronto, right in the downtown. i'm moving out this sunday, can't wait.

anything new with you?

Dave G said...

Nothing new here man. Just working, buying records and doing a bit of traveling when I can. Just spent a couple weeks in Ecuador and even managed to do a little record shopping when I was there hahaha.

Good luck with your move. Toronto is a cool city. I was there 4 or 5 years ago just to check it out.

zach said...

oh nice. haha, what kind of records did you find there?

thanks. i love the city, but unfortunately the one punk record store closed down last year. i was pretty upset. only managed to go there a handful of times and it was always great.