Friday, July 22, 2011

Borscht - Primitive Borscht - Demo Tape 1982

Borscht - Pearl River, N.Y. (1981 to 1984)

Classic early 80's punk rock...Borscht appeared on Flipside Vinyl compilation #1 and also on Thrasher Magazine’s “Skaterock 2 – Blazing Wheels and Barking Trucks”.

To read all about Borscht and to download the bands demo tape which we are sharing with the bands permission please visit my Suburbia Suburbia SUBURBIA! blog right HERE and while you're there have a look around as there's some good obscure metal, punk and hardcore music up for your listening pleasure...Dave G.

Vectom - Speed Revolution - 1984 Gamma Records

Speed Revolution


Cool , yet fairly typical German thrash metal record from a lessor known 2nd or even 3rd tier early 80's German thrash band. Really nothing ground breaking going on here, but I do like and appreciate the album for it's obvious sincerity and straight forward thrash metal approach.

Here is a very accurate album review I found online:

"The mid 1980’s spawned a sub scene in thrash metal, namely speed metal. Germany was the main area for the genre which took its cue from Maiden and injected speed (obviously) and powering double bass drums. The scene was very severely limited due to the style the songs all took. However if it wasn’t for this scene I think many of today’s power metal combos wouldn’t exist. Speed Revolution may not be the best album of the genre but it has passion and sincerity which is often lacking in metal today. The album has a top heavy bass production compounded by some decent drum work, especially in the foot department. The guitar work, whilst basic, has a certain degree of melody which the band only spoils by trying too hard in the solos. The vocals are more down tuned than your typical thrash and speed metal as the group have tried to thrust a more demonic vocal style into the songs at times. The album treats us to a nice cheesy track (Loudness and Speed), which to be honest I find very enjoyable. Damned Love is different to the rest as it starts with a labored double bass drum kick and rarely gets into the archetypal speed associated with the genre. Overall the album is worthy of the attention of any speed metal freak and is becoming quite difficult to find, but is definitely worth the effort." ... Infernali

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dark Ages - Can America Survive? Lp 2011 (review)

Sorry State Records

I have been looking forward to this Lp for quite some time now as I've been a fan of Dark Ages since they dropped their first demo back in 2007, and then followed the demo up with 2 excellent 7"s.

Musically I would compare Dark Ages to current bands like the Omegas and Double Negative in that these bands have a knack for playing music that is all at once hard driving and noisy yet catchy enough to keep you hitting the repeat button...and Dark Ages definitely fit that description.

"Can America Survive?" is definitely an album that will be spinning repeatedly on my turntable, and I also think this Lp will be in personal my top 10 for 2011...Dave G.

Dark Ages - Can America Survive? Lp Purchase Sorry State Records
Dark Ages - Vicious Lie 7" Purchase from Cowabunga Records

Label description and details regarding "Can America Survive? Lp.

"After a couple of great but under the radar 7"s, Kansas City's Dark Ages return with their first full-length and it is a hardcore monster. Eschewing the recent vogue for raw recordings, Dark Ages have nailed a crystal clear, precise sound in which all of the fascinating little nuances hit you with full force. While the pedal is always to the floor, it's the weird little parts--quirky touches that remind one of Die Kreuzen's first LP or Hüsker Dü circa Everything Falls Apart--that really separate this band from the pack. I can think of no other band that captures the angry, alienated, and isolated sound of the midwest better than Dark Ages. Deluxe packaging, including heavyweight, tip-on style sleeves, a 24"x26" poster, and digital download. Mailorder version on red vinyl (ltd. to 150 copies). Sorry State Records"

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Six Feet Under - S/T Lp ( Sweden 1983 ) - Universe Productions Records (Holland).

I found a sealed copy of this obscure metal Lp in a local record store recently, and I consider myself fortunate for finding it.

The music is classic early 80's metal with Keyboards and a musical similarity to the band Rainbow. Apparently the vocalist for Six Feet Under Bjorn Lodin sung for Krokus at one point but never recorded an Lp with them.

Check the link below for a blog with more details about the record and a download link...Dave G.

Swedish Heavy Metal Blog: Here

P.S. My album didn't come with a lyric sheet, and has different labels than the Lp on the Swedish Heavy Metal blog. Just figured I'd mention this since this record is pretty damn obscure to begin with.

Tyrant - Mean Machine - 1984 Gamma Music West Germany


When you have an album cover as ridiculous as this one you are either going to be pleasantly surprised or thoroughly this case I am happy to report that I am pleasantly surprised.

Overall, I like the hard charging thick riffing on the more uptempo songs like the album opener " Free For All" . If I had to compare Tyrant to anyone I would choose Accept with hints of Iron Maiden here and there. Overall, "Mean Machine" is a fun listen that is most effective when the band is charging full speed ahead...Dave G.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

American Dream - s/t Lp - America Records 1984

American Dream - Allentown, PA

I haven't posted much music to the blog lately, but that's because I was waiting to have something amazing to share and American Dream is the amazing band I have been looking for.

I am confident that this Lp is the best American hardcore punk record that you have most likely never heard. Originally released in 1984 in a very small pressing of only 300 copies , it is this records obscurity and small pressing amount that has stopped it from being a classic but has caused it to be a highly sought after collectible amongst those in the know.

Musically, this is straight up hard charging punk/hardcore, though there is some full on guitar soloing involved which may bother some but doesn't bother me in the slightest.

Files removed as I have learned an official reissue of this Lp is in the works. More details to come in the near future...Dave G.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Grave Mistake Records Bandcamp page

Great label releasing future punk rock classics. Check out the new bandcamp page for free downloads of almost everything on the label. If you like what you hear please buy something and support this great label.