Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Murder In The Front Row - Bazillion Points Books

My copy of this book showed up in the mail today. The book has a poster style wrap around dust cover with metallica including Cliff Burton on the cover and Exodus on the flip side.

The book is loaded with 270+ pages of flyers and band photos from the heyday of thrash metal. There are many many old school Metallica photos in this book so if you are a Metallica fan I suggest you order a copy quick...Dave G


Friday, December 16, 2011

Trip Machine Laboratories - Nyack NY

Trip Machine Laboratories is a long running hardcore label from my hometown area of Rockland County NY. The label was founded by an old friend of mine Chris W who played/plays in the NY hardcore band Atlas Shrugged . If memory serves Chris started the label to release the first Atlast Shrugged 7" and then things just took off from there.

Trip Machine Laboratories has released a slew of good records over the years and below I am going to give you a quick breakdown of a few of their most recent releases. So read, listen and support...

Living Hell are one tight motherfing hardcore band whose aural assault brings bands like Converge and Integrity to mind. Overall the music combines tight crisp full speed ahead hardcore with moments of thick/heavy slow to mid tempo passages all the while maintaining an impressive amount of hate and disgust. Living Hell are definitely worth your time if you are a fan of this style of metal tinged hardcore.

Living Hell - Blessed Are The Dead

Living Laser approaches hardcore music from a bit of a different angle than most bands, but if I had to draw comparisons to any other currently active bands I would say that Living Laser would be right at home touring with bands like the Omegas or Double Negative. The Living Laser's music moves along at a impressively tight quick pace with interesting time changes and solos popping up seemingly out of nowhere. The vocals are delivered in clean manner and help give the music that little something that makes them stand out from the pack...good stuff and highly recommended.

Living Laser - Fact Eraser

Most Precious Blood - 7" of this Brooklyn NY bands 2000 demo tape pressed to vinyl. These guys play straight up pissed off modern hardcore that worms it's way into your brain and awakens your inner demons.

Incendiary / Unrestrained splits 7" - Incendiary play modern hardcore with one foot in the 90's hardcore sound. Unrestrained stradle the same line as Incendiary but the music is a bit more metallic sounding to my ear and it possess some nice memorable riffing, dare I say the music is catchy.

Chris tells me he is about to step up the online distro at Trip Machine Laboratories so stop by the label distro and pick up some records...Dave G.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Resless - Restless Metal 7" 1984 Flying Dog Productions

Don't Understand
The Power

This 7" is much better than the band photos would lead you to believe. The band comes across looking somewhat glam metal in these photos but in reality this is a nice thick rocking slab of catchy metal leaning towards the power metal side of things and reminding me of the 80's metal band Medieval or even Tyrant (CA) with the high pitched screams in the excellent "The Power".

Anyway, Resless hailed from Northern NJ and Lou Ciarlo of Hades played bass on this 7"...give this one a listen..Dave G.

Attacker 1983 and 1986 Demo Tapes


I wrote away to Attacker back in 1983 when I was all of 15 years old to get a copy of this demo tape, and after a week or so a Certron Tape showed up in my mailbox in a regular letter envelope. It's crazy but here we are almost 30 years later and I can actually remember pulling the letter out of the mailbox and I know exactly what the envelope looked like, however ask me what I did 2 days ago and I would have to think hard to remember.

Anyway, these tapes hold a special place in my heart as does the first Attacker Lp "Battle At Helms Deep" . It appears the entire Attacker catalog is currently out of print, so if you want to find their records and cd's at this point I guess ebay is the way to go...Dave G.

Monday, December 12, 2011

CIA - Conspiracy Demo Tape 1989

Here's a tape that seems to have been mostly lost to time as I couldn't find much of anything on the net about CIA.

Let me give a little info or at least all that I can remember about CIA. CIA was a side project of Glenn Evans the drummer of Nuclear Assault and prior to that TT Quick. If memory serves Glenn released this demo tape and another that I also have called Search & Seizure while he was playing with nuclear Assault. On this demo tape Glenn even has his buddy John Connelly of Nuclear Assault contribute vocals and bass while Glenn handles the guitar and drum duties.

There is no date on this tape but I think it came out somewhere around 1988 or 1989 as the Search and Seizure demo has a 1989 date on it, and I remember getting these tapes from Glenn not to far apart from each other.

Musically these 3 songs have a definite Nuclear Assault feel to them, especially with John Handling the vocal duties...Dave G.

Friday, December 09, 2011

New Breed Tape Compilation

I just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone that the awesome and legendary New Breed Tape compilation is officially back in print on cd and vinyl and it sounds better than ever.

Please support Wardance Records and order a copy of this one before they are gone. I understand that the silk screen version is already gone and the regular Lp version is selling quick and it's highly possible that this could be a one time pressing so get on it people...Dave G

Re-issue of this legendary NYHC compilation from 1989. The re-mastered LP version features four exclusive bonus tracks plus the original twenty page lyric booklet. There will be an alternate limited edition that will include a silk-screened "Wild Style" LP cover (200 made) available to the first 200 mail orders.

Bands on the compilation: ABSOLUTION, OUTBURST, LIFE'S BLOOD, BREAKDOWN, BEYOND, RAW DEAL plus 15 other rocking NYHC bands from that golden era.

Order from Wardance Records

Monday, December 05, 2011

Judge - Bringin It Down Gold Vinyl Revelation

I am thinking about trading away my sealed copy of this Lp. Here's a pictures of the actual record. I have a black vinyl 1st pressing so I never opened this gold / orange (depending on who you ask) vinyl copy of the final pressing which is the most limited pressing of only 333 copies.

Revelation notes that this is Gold vinyl Kevin Finn says it's orange. I know this record has some value so it is going to take something special to pry it away from me.

I would consider trading it for some other rare Rev Records that I do not have, color vinyl together comp or original early dischord records like Youth Brigade Possible 7" or Teen Idles - Minor Disturbance 7" , Antidote - thou shalt not kill 7" etc.

If you think you have something I'd want drop me an email. Don't be shy I know I am shooting for the stars with my small want list but my actual want list is much longer.


Friday, December 02, 2011

NME - Unholy Death - LSR Records 1985

Unholy Death

NME - Tacoma Wa. USA

To my ears NME sound like the evil spawn of Venom and Slaughter...the Canadian death thrashers Slaughter, not that terrible 80's / 90's hair metal band.

I was snooping around the net trying to come up with a better description of NME'S music when I came across Oxenkiller's review of this record on Encyclopedia Metallum which I thought hit the nail on the head....so here you go...Dave G.

"A lot of people have compared this to Venom, and certainly those comparisons are valid. Both bands share a similar songwriting style and image. NME weren’t really a speed or thrash band in the sense that, say, Bathory, Slayer and Possessed were. Rather, much like Venom and Hellhammer, they relied on a series of mid-paced, malevolent grinding riffs and allowed the overall heaviness, atmosphere and distortion to carry the sound. However, the guitar sounds on here are far darker and more corrosive and sinister than Venom ever were; its actually somewhat indescribable: eerie and heavy at the same time. The playing is none too complex, but there is more going on than just the simple riffs. The guitar has way more reverb and distortion on it than Venom or Hellhammer, and the guitarist deliberately channels the feedback to accentuate the playing. The overall effect is one of simplicity and power, getting the most power out of each single note, mimimalism at its best. And the production values are none too pretty either but that’s the point, you just don’t want them to be. The raw minimalist production actually suits this music perfectly; everything cranked up to ten. The whole thing is paradoxically beautiful in its very rawness and ugliness".