Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Purgatory - st lp - 1985 J.U.F. Records

Night Crawler Bitch

Here's an obscure slice of Heavy Metal for you. From what I can find on the net it appears this album was self released by the band and it sold roughly 1000 copies back in 1985 or so. Following the release of this Lp Purgatory signed to Auburn Records (home of the excellent Destructor) and released a full length Lp titled "Tied To The Tracks" and also a 3rd record , an ep in 1989 titled "Dr. Pain".

Musically this record contains some pretty good power metal that has enough of that old 80's metal charm to keep you coming back for more.

Purgatory has an active myspace page with a full Bio and some songs that you can sample...Dave G.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The Not - Kids Survive ( The Not/Not Records) 1985

The Not - Cambridge MA 1985

It's strange to come across a mid 80's punk/power pop record and find absolutely not a single mention of said record or band on the internet. Well, that is exactly what happened when I saw this record in a local comic book shop of all places a few weeks back.

Since my Google search turned up nothing on my Iphone while I was in the store, I decided I had to buy this record because the drummer has a Thrasher sticker on his kit and the bass player was doing a flying kick split, which meant this record was going to be a long forgotten masterpiece or a masterpiece of shit...well, in all honesty it is neither of these things.

What you do get with this record is some pretty decent power pop / punk that sounds like it would have been popular in NYC about 5-10 years prior to the release of this record. At times the singer reminds me of Johnathan Richman or something along those lines. Anyway, if you like catchy power pop this might just be up your alley, and I just can't resist giving The Not an internet presence for the first time in 27 years. The A-side opener "We Are The Ones" and especially the B-side opener "Kids Survive" are the stand out tracks for me...actually "Kids Survive" is an excellent uptempo punk song...Dave G.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Zombie Squad - Surfing With The Contras (Anthrax Records) 1987

Nice Try
I wouldn't Link

I don't know anything about this band except that they came from Larchmont NY, and this 7" is on Anthrax records which was owned by the owners of the legendary Anthrax club in CT.

Zombie Squad play fast paced hardcore with punk undertones. This 7" is not a classic by any means, but it's definitely worth picking up as it's likely to be in the cheapo bin at your local record store...Dave G.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Blood Feast - Chopping Block Blues (Flame Trader) 1990

Chopping Block Blues
Dropped Like Flys
Born Innocent

Encyclopedia Metallum - Details and reviews

Blood Feast - webpage

I have been a Blood Feast fan since I mail ordered there Blood Lust "Suicidal Missions" demo tape back in 1987. I bought both the "Face Fate" 12" and "Pleasure To Kill" lp when they were released back in the 80's and I have always liked both records, however I have to admit that I sort of lost interest in metal right around 1990, and I never knew Blood Feast released "Chopping Block Blues" until I stumbled across a copy on Ebay recently, which led me to scour the internet until I could find a copy of my very own for half of the ebay asking price.

Chopping block blues is a bit of departure from Blood Feasts previous two records, and it took me a couple listens to get used to what the band was going for on "Chopping Block Blues" but I have to say that after the strangeness of hearing keyboards in the opening track the record settles in and Blood Feast delivers a top notch Death/Thrash record that is slowly becoming my favorite album of theirs, though the Face Fate 12" is pretty hard to top in my opinion....Dave G.

Witch Cross - All That's Fit Four Fighting - Deluxe 4 Lp collection 2012



I just picked up a copy of this unbelievable 4 Lp set on color vinyl and I just had to give everyone a heads up, and urge you to grab a copy of this discography before they are gone. I can honestly say that the above picture doesn't do the beauty of this packaging justice, and the music is classic top notch NWOBHM...buy buy buy...Dave G.

Here's the scoop:

Official anthology release featuring the entire WITCH CROSS discography including the cult classic "Fit For Fight" album, their 5 demos from the ‘80s, the “Are You There” 7" EP and the ultra obscure BLOOD EAGLE '81 demo (pre-Witch Cross). You get everything here but their live recordings & personal rehearsal sessions. Easily one of the best Danish Heavy Metal bands of all time who also recorded their album with Henrik Lundat at Easy Sound Recording, the same studio & engineer to spawn such classics as "Melissa" and "Don't Break The Oath." A mandatory release for all Heavy Metal maniacs!

*Comes in a deluxe Quad-Gatefold jacket
*Includes 8-page LP size booklet archiving tons of old photos, flyers, interviews & liner notes
*Pressed on multi-Colored Vinyl (w/ color coordinated inner sleeves) and traditional Black Vinyl (w/ black inner sleeves)
*Lavish silver foil stamping on the front cover & metallic silver ink throughout the layout.

Mace The Evil In Good (Medusa/Ever Rat Records) 1988

The Evil In Good
Intent To Kill
Thinning The Heard

Ah Mace, where to begin....Mace play a style of metal that is part hardcore and part metal, but with no real crossover elements present. The music is along the thrash metal vein of things, but the vocals are delivered in a more punk style. At times Mace gets a little sloppy or the vocals sound like they lose there place in the music , but in all honesty these imperfections actually make me love this record that much more.

Anyway, give these guys a listen...they might sound a bit awkward at first but with each repeated listen you will find that " The Evil In Good" is slowly working it's way into your brain...Dave G.

P.S. For more info about Mace check out the True Punk & Metal blog.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Slaughtered Grace - Terror Unleashed 1989 Mutant Punk Label

Here's an old obscure piece of NJ crossover metal history. Slaughtered Grace from Lodi NJ ( the home of everyone's favorite horror punk band the Misfits) dropped this 7" on the unsuspecting masses in 1989, and I bet it's filling up dollar bins all over the United States as we speak ,however if you happen to see this 7" in your local record store...dollar bin or otherwise... I would recommend you grab it.

The music is perfectly good Metal/hardcore ... think Crumbsuckers meets SOD or something along those lines. The B-side track "Disabilty" is my favorite track with it's SOD type opening leading into some raging soloing and straight up no bullshit riffing and vocals that bring DBC to mind for some reason, but hey I could be wrong so listen for yourself...Dave G.