Thursday, November 16, 2017

Sanctus - Accept The Blessing - Demo Tape 1988

Sanctus at times reminds me of Nuclear Assault, like on the song "Gutter Bitch" and also in parts they remind me of "Wrecking Crew" era Overkill, with vocals that bring Alan Tecchio of Hades to mind. These guys went all out with this very professional demo, which they recorded at Pyramid sound with John Periales, had Glenn Evans record the drums and then they had Rob Wacko Hunter mix. That's a lot of well known dudes mixed up with an unsigned band. This tape is pretty good, but the high pitched vocals are a bit too much at times for me personally.

Unfortunately,based on a search of the Encyclopaedia Metallum website it appears this demo never did lead to a record deal for these thrashers from Glenn Oaks NY.


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Anonymous said...

The drummer from Sanctus went on to play in Winter and Brutal Truth