Thursday, March 17, 2011

Disturbed Furniture - Information / Alors Allez - Disturbed Records 1981

Disturbed Furniture - New York, NY - Disturbed Records 1981

Here's a cool quirky little post punkish 7" I found in my mystery 7" box. The mystery 7" box is a box of about one hundred 7" records that I got from a friend when I bought his collection. The box is full of interesting KBD, synth and power pop type stuff that I am not really sure what to make of and it's pretty overwhelming to work my way through. I have actually been pulling good records out of there by chance for about 4 or 5 years now lol. Anyway, My friend Tim was rummaging through the mystery box last week when he pulled this one out by chance and said "hey let's give this one a listen, it looks interesting" , and to our surprise we discovered that it was good, or at least we think it is...Dave G.

Information ( fast paced, quick picking rocker - female vocals )
Alors Allez ( Slower pace - Female vocals - sung in French / English )


CHRIS said...

The "mystery box" always delivers!

zach said...

really goooooood! thanks! i love the guitar on the first track. you got a goldmine if the whole box sounds of this caliber.